Work With Me


   I would love to work with you.  Are you inspired to learn about yourself?   Are you curious about how you are organized?  Are you curious about what keeps you stuck in certain behaviors and patterns?   And do you have a desire to develop self-awareness and an undefended love for and empowered sense of self?

   Working together can bring you in touch with your most authentic and true nature, where you can learn to trust your intuition and feel guided by your innate and bottomless wisdom, and deeply connect you to your natural, spontaneous self.

I have chosen this path of self-discovery through mindfulness, loving presence, present moment experience, creativity, curiosity, spontaneous expression, and self inquiry for myself and am deeply committed to sharing it with others. 

I have combined many paths of training but the four that are active avenues of continued exploration for me personally and professionally are:

  1. *process painting (The Painting Experience),

  2. *expressive arts (Circle Tree Studios),

  3. *coaching (Creative Life Journey) and

  4. *Hakomi Counseling (Compassionate Self Study).

You can find a separate page for each of these on this site.



“Art is a way of emptying the mind and centering the self.”

---Alan Watts, A Way of Zen




Annie Rousseau

          “Annie knows the art of asking the right questions that help you go deeper than you have every gone before, her compassion and insight are essential qualities that enrich this transformative experience.”