I’m available to support you on a healing journey of self - discovery, by inviting you to get curious, explore and inquire within, using mindfulness and creativity.  I work with the creative process using the tools of art and also through a body-centered therapeutic method called Hakomi.

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                    Annie Rousseau

Annie is a wise and intuitive


    Deb Douglas



I bring considerable experience, skill, caring and insight into relationship with those wanting to explore their inner landscape through self inquiry.  I have a background in facilitation, training, coaching, Hakomi counseling, art and psychology.

I am a senior facilitator and co-trainer for The Painting Experience, www.processarts.com

  a Certified Practitioner of Hakomi with Vancouver Hakomi Education Network, www.vancouverhakomi.ca

  and a Graduate of Expressive Arts at Expressive Arts Florida two year program. www.expressiveartsflorida.com